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1.Register (Top Right )

2. Go to profile (right top)

3. Select download (left)

4. Use the link, then unzip all to mods folder

5. Enjoy  ;)

How to:

For all changes and map updates, always keep an eye on my blog :)
Farmer BoB's Challenges
Designed for your pleasure!!!!

Hi there everybody!!

Board with the standard 3 difficulty levels os FS19, here is some of my own designed challenges to keep you having lots of fun...

Remember  these challenges are only for Nevada South Africa Map..

Unzip files and follow the rules in the text file, there i explain how to setup the challenges.

Challenge 1:

Field 13 challenge (20 game days)

Challenge 2:

Grandpa's Milky Whey...

A very nice start at Grandpa's Place with cows and 2 fields... lets see how you do in 30 game days...

Lets get stuck in and Farm like crazy!

Watch the full instruction video clickhere:

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South Africa


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